Miguel Senquiz (DJ)


etroit native Miguel Senquiz has artfully crafted a unique voice from a rich musical background. With roots firmly established in the gravitas of the area’s heritage, he’s incorporated a unique soulful texture and a polished-but-scuffed aesthetic aided in part by his connection to the Ghostly family.

“Growing up in the Detroit music scene, I was lucky to hear proper house, techno, and electro on the radio and at parties. I’m not old enough to have heard MOJO or The Wizard on the radio, but I had 89X live from Motor, Liz Copeland on WDET, and WaxTax N Dre on WJLB. Some of the first DJs I got to see out were Richie Hawtin, Delano Smith, Mike Huckaby, Mark Farina, and Derrick Carter. I was lucky to have a good foundation.”

He’s used that experience and knowledge to hone in on his own sound, gaining a reputation for long and energetic sets threading, and sometimes blurring the lines of house, techno, and acid.


son of a Quiet Storm radio DJ and manager of Industry (a ‘90s nightlife spot just outside Detroit that hosted early Industrial and Techno shows), Miguel’s mother helped pave the way for his musical interests and imbued his tastes with a weighty soulfulness and playful eclecticism.

After setting up his New York home base in 2006 and taking a few years to settle, Miguel jumped head-first back into the NY music scene with formidable residencies (No Big Deal, Real Talk, and most recently Put in Werk at Output).

Slowly building demand outside of his NY home base, he’s recently taken his talents back to Detroit (Movement 2015), Miami, Austin, Mexico City, and Berlin to play alongside mentors Ryan Elliott, Trus’Me, Carl Craig, Matthew Dear, and Dixon among others.

When he’s not DJing or working on music, Miguel spends his days pursuing his shared mission to get artists paid through Drip.com, a music and creative subscription platform he co-founded with Ghostly’s Sam Valenti IV.

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