autiluss is the primary project of Montreal-raised and Toronto-based producer Graham Douglas Bertie. A former hacker, his love of mixing records began at age 17, cutting his teeth after school on a modest belt-drive turntable setup and attending raves in derelict warehouses. This resourcefulness and ambition has been a common thread throughout his career, leading him on investigations of nearly every corner of electronic music over the last decade. After many collaborations early in his career, his solo works as Nautiluss range from the lively house of the Aerochrome EP on Nite Owl Diner and the bassy techno of Habitat, with additional releases on Turbo, Hemlock Recordings, 3024 and Audio Culture. He has performed live at the influential MUTEK Festival and Panorama Bar in Berlin, showcasing his flexibility and expertise with all manner of instrumentation – analog and digital, hard and soft, improvised and structured.

While Nautiluss has played at iconic clubs such as Trouw, Panorama Bar, and Dance Tunnel, he can often be found in his favourite local grotto, Toronto’s Bambi’s, spinning alongside talent such

as Mike Servito, Octo Octa, and Galcher Lustwerk. His tastes are wide-ranging: from cleverly chosen house and techno to abstract ambient music and sound design (exemplified in his monthly The Borderland State radio show on the Toronto-based free-form radio station TRP). He exists in the purely virtual realm as well, as the head of sound technology at a local VR start-up. He is purposefully difficult to categorize – regardless of the type of performance, venue, or audience, rest assured that you will pleasantly surprised by his creations.

Reflections is his first release on Spectral Sound. Equally suited for the dancefloor and headphones. Opening track “Odyssey” begins with eerie chords and shuffling drums, constantly shifting underneath a layer of analog hiss and twinkling piano vamps. “Kodama” is darker and moodier, with detuned square wave bass, and clenched hi-hats. “Alphaville” is acid by ways of the Nostromo of Ridley Scott’s Alien – hisses, clangs, and yelps cavort amongst a lone triangle, laser sounds, and high-speed flybys. “Lonely Planet” closes out the EP with radar pings and classic deep Rhodes chords.


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