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Demo Policy

A few guidelines to understand before sending your demo:

  • Demos are accepted via Soundcloud only. Two song max.
  • Regrettably we are unable to accept demos in person, by mail, email, or any other means.
  • We release a wide stylistic range of music, but take a minute to familiarize yourself with some of our releases and general styles before sending.
  • We appreciate everything that is sent, but please do not contact us. We only have so much time and so many resources to devote, so we will contact you if interested in working with you.
  • Send us
    your music
    (2 song limit)


  • If you would like to use our music in films, television, commercials, video games or compilations, please visit our licensing division Ghostly Songs.

  • In order to cover our costs associated with procuring licenses, we can no longer agree to free (gratis) usages. As such we have instituted a base fee of $100.00 USD.

    Please allow a week or more for responses to small film licenses.

    Lastly, please note that both master & composition rights are needed & each must be licensed separately, in all cases.