[INTERVIEW] Artist/Designer Hassan Rahim

October 10, 2014

[INTERVIEW] Artist/Designer Hassan Rahim

Hassan Rahim is a young creative from Los Angeles who has quickly infiltrated the art and design world with his distinctively stark aesthetic. Between his gallery work, collaborations with Jay-Z and DJ/producer Delroy Edwards, clothing designs, and publishing company, Rahim is a fast-rising talent that Ghostly couldn’t help but get involved with.

As such, we tapped the artist to design us a t-shirt (available now) and the flier for our next Ghostly15 event, which will be held Oct. 31 in Berlin’s Panorama Bar. We decided it would also be a great time to ask Rahim about his life and work, and the subsequent interview has just been posted on The Ghostly Store blog.

[Read our Q&A with Hassan Rahim]