[NEWS] Introducing Henning, Our Latest Collaboration with Warby Parker

August 18, 2015

[NEWS] Introducing Henning, Our Latest Collaboration with Warby Parker

We’re excited to announce the continuation of our partnership with Warby Parker, which began in the summer of 2013. This time, we’ve collaborated to create Henning—beautifully minimal frames with a sense of character that’s strong and distinct without being distracting. Our desire with Henning was to showcase quality, character and resilience—three attributes that perfectly describe the creators paired with these frames. Ghostly’s own Sam Valenti IV, designer Shawna X and DJ and musician Justin Carter demonstrate each of these traits in their work, dedicating themselves to creativity with focus, intention and passion, and producing art that demonstrates a consistent, singular vision.

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That same aesthetic went into the design of the limited-edition Henning frames. They are the perfect example of excellent craftsmanship resulting in work that’s masterfully executed and deeply felt. To commemorate the release, Warby Parker interviewed Sam, Shawna and Justin about their craft. You can read those interviews here, and purchase your own pair of limited-edition Henning sunglasses here.

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