[NEWS] Starchild & The New Romantic's Crucial EP

January 27, 2016

Starchild & The New Romantic’s debut vinyl release for Ghostly, titled Crucial, sees release this March. We’ve already shared the first single – “All My Lovers” – and now you can stream the second track, “Slammin’ Mannequin.

[Pre-order Crucial in star-colored vinyl at The Ghostly Store]

[VIDEO] Beacon's new single "IM U"

January 22, 2016

Along with releasing their second single from Escapements, “IM U,” this week saw the release of the Charles Bergquist directed video to accompany it. Full of etheral scenery and ominously saturated landscapes, the video is well-suited to the moody atmosphere of their sophomore LP, whose release date also kickstarts their winter North American tour.

[Pre-order Escapements]