[Podcast] GhostlyCast #70: Olin - Do It Live

May 2, 2017

[Podcast] GhostlyCast #70: Olin - Do It Live

Our latest GhostlyCast welcomes the considered ear of Chicago producer Jason Garden. A triple threat, Garden records under the name Olin (working with labels such as Argot, Detour, and Giegling’s g~~g~~~g), runs his own imprint (Boundary Monument), and serves as resident DJ and talent buyer for the acclaimed Smart Bar venue. The expansive, freeform mix (with art by Andy Gilmore) reflects his approach live—as he explains:

“Over the years I have always grappled with the idea of what a mix should be. While I do enjoy the idea of carefully stitching together something thematic that I might not be able to do live, I’ve always also been a bit turned off by the idea because it feels somehow disingenuous. I get the sense that I’m telling a white lie about what it’s like to see me DJ. Conversely, my favorite part of DJing a party is the spontaneity and joy that can come from the feedback loop I share with the crowd. It’s never perfect, but it’s human and very genuine, which I love. So, while there is no dancefloor to speak of, this mix feels as true-to-life as such a thing can be: recorded without a plan, straight through, at home on a Sunday evening.”

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