While many of Audion’s 2009 singles showcase a newfound obsession with restraint, understatement, and barely-there dynamics, “Push” runs in the exact opposite direction and never looks back. A classic Audion track in the “Mouth to Mouth” mold, the aptly named “Push” traffics in unapologetically anthemic builds, precision calibrated to make’em go crazy on the dancefloor. Relentlessly chugging rhythms, bouyant blips of keyboard, room-swallowing low-end swells, and wave after wave of ecstatic climax. Sometimes, a great track is as simple as that.

About Audion

It’s been going on for nearly a decade: Under cover of darkness, Matthew Dear slips out of his usual guise as pop-music innovator and exorcises his dancefloor demons through his constantly s...check out Audion's page and other releases

  • Spectral Sound
  • SPC-83
  • formats:
  • Digital
  • release date:
  • December 1, 2009
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  • Audion - "Push"